One of our greatest strengths is in our skilled and well-trained workforce. Expanding or relocating to Iredell, NC, will allow you to take advantage of a quality labor pool, competitive wages, and thriving business climate backed by our economic corporation whose singular purpose is to help your business succeed.


Our Greatest Strength Is Our People

What makes Iredell County an attractive destination for businesses? A labor force of 89,000, a regional workforce of 1.1 million, and an annual population growth rate of 1.5% for the past 10 years. Our central location, quality of life, and outstanding schools continue to inspire businesses and residents to relocate and expand here. With 18 four-year colleges and universities in the Charlotte region, Iredell County employers have access to over 14,000 graduates per year.

Workforce Snapshot


Total EmploymentAll Industries
Civilian Labor Force
Largest Industry Manufacturing
Number Unemployed
Unemployment Rate
Average Weekly Wage

Iredell County Insured Employment & Wages by Industry

´╗┐IndustryAverage EmploymentAnnual Wages PaidAverage Wage Per Employee
Manufacturing11,207$601,012,517 $53,628.31
Health Care and Social Assistance8,451$381,749,346 $45,172.09
Retail Trade9,564$244,241,794 $25,537.62
Accommodation & Food Service6,920$98,744,389 $14,269.42
Educational Services5,054$181,084,748 $35,829.99
Administrative & Waste Services4,591$128,415,176 $27,971.07
Construction4,351$174,067,133 $40,006.24
Wholesale Trade3,362$173,301,880 $51,547.26
Transportation & Warehousing2,135$84,064,365 $39,374.41
Public Administration2,662$106,475,157 $39,998.18
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation2,104$104,292,351 $49,568.61
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services2,683$150,909,685 $56,246.62
Other Services1,697$45,392,072 $26,748.42
Finance & Insurance1,192$70,029,635 $58,749.69
Real Estate, Rental & Leasing649$23,054,370 $35,522.91
Information575$21,067,939 $36,639.89
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting438$20,659,483 $47,167.77
Utilities244$18,220,452 $74,673.98
Mining32$1,466,564 $45,830.13

Source: NCESC: Quarterly Census Employment & Wages by Supersector or Domain, aggregate of all types.


Iredell County Employment & Wages by Manufacturing Industry

´╗┐IndustryAverage EmploymentTotal WagesAverage Annual Wage
Machinery Manufacturing1,565$102,882,125 $65,739
Transportation Equipment Manufacturing1,401$78,006,884 $55,679
Plastics & Rubber Products Manufacturing1,260$59,196,922 $46,982
Textile Mills774$35,683,560 $46,103
Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing1,098$50,492,271 $45,986
Paper Manufacturing582$37,402,782 $64,266
Food Manufacturing375$20,047,969 $53,461
Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing637$29,776,828 $46,745
Electrical Equipment and Appliances***
Primary Metal Manufacturing390$19,296,800 $49,479
Miscellaneous Manufacturing204$12,390,566 $60,738
Apparel Manufacturing374$35,683,560 $95,411
Textile Product Mills253$8,809,583 $34,820
Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing297$9,127,898 $30,734
Wood Product Manufacturing109$3,889,829 $35,687
Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing197$11,219,693 $56,953
Chemical Manufacturing713$61,374,596 $86,079
Printing and Related Support Activities***

Source: Employment Security Commission of North Carolina, Employment and Wages by Industry Aggregate of All Types by Subsector (3 digit)

* Indicates disclosure suppression
Chart by: Centralina Council of Governments, August 2018