We Invest in Our Local Companies

Iredell EDC works with businesses, our local elected officials, real estate developers, brokers, and investors to help bring forth new investment in real property, personal property, and the creation of new jobs in Iredell EDC.

Iredell EDC focuses on product development to maintain and strengthen the community’s economic competitiveness. This is done through the development of sites and the promotion of new buildings. Iredell EDC announced six product development projects in 2022 with investments totaling over $540 M in the proposed development of 7.2 M SF on 913 acres across Iredell County.

Iredell EDC had a total of 13 announced projects totaling over $784 M in investment, the creation of 904 jobs, and 2.2 M SF in 2022.  This growth was fueled by the expansion of our existing industries, which represented 70% of investment and 94% of new job creation.



New & Expanding Announcements Jan 2018 - Current

Company LocationInvestmentJobsSquare FootageTypeYear
Fibreworks CompositesMooresville $5,000,000.00 30111,488Expanding2023
Dura Supreme CabinetryStatesville17,400,000237N/AManufacuring - Cabinets 2023
Water Tech, Inc. Statesville10,800,0002650,000Water Treatment Products2023
Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing (KAM)Statesville $4,785,000.00 1070,000Expanding2022
Sherwin-Williams (SVL)Statesville $324,064,900.00 183836,000Expanding2022
BestCoMooresville $177,000,000.00 394445,000Expanding2022
Origin Food GroupStatesville $3,000,000.00 401,575Expanding2022
Liburdi Dimetrics CorpMooresville $1,200,000.00 745,850Expanding2022
Denso Statesville $38,000,000.00 1370Expanding2022
Iredell Health SystemStatesville $22,000,000.00 016,000Expanding2022
Strategic Real Estate Partners Speculative Development Deerfield Biz Park Mooresville $0.00 0710,640New2022
Battle Copacking LLC Mooresville $13,624,000.00 20128,000New2022
NorthPoint Development Speculative Development Crawford Road Statesville $215,000,000.00 03,200,000New2022
TPA Group Speculative Building Hwy 21 & TurnersburgStatesville $75,000,000.00 01,400,000New2022
LandSouthMooresville $15,000,000.00 00New2022
Jet East, A Gama Aviation CompanyStatesville $0.00 250115,000New2022
TRD, Toyota Racing DevelopmentMooresville $0.00 2532,000New2022
Carolina Beverage Group, LLCMooresville $9,000,000.00 700Expanding2021
Pactiv CorpMooresville $15,000,000.00 00Expanding2021
Niagara Bottling, LLCMooresville $12,234,000.00 8181,000Expanding2021
MillWorksMooresville $2,600,000.00 060,000Expanding2021
Martin Marietta AggregatesStatesville $45,000,000.00 00Expanding2021
Doosan Bobcat Statesville $70,000,000.00 250580,000Expanding2021
deBotech IncMooresville $2,440,000.00 10062,000Expanding2021
Lowe's Companies, Inc.Statesville $0.00 2500Expanding2021
Iredell Health SystemStatesville $35,000,000.00 6068,000Expanding2021
Cheney Brothers Statesville $11,000,000.00 5072,142Expanding2021
Roush Yates Engines / Roush Yates Manufacturing SolutionsMooresville $14,000,000.00 050,000Expanding2021
Velocity One Aviation (Hangar)Statesville $7,000,000.00 724,095Expanding2021
ZNDUS Statesville $5,100,000.00 00Expanding2021
Yanjan USA LLCStatesville $5,200,000.00 5058,032Expanding2021
Plastiflex North Carolina LLC / Plastiflex Hose Solutions - Warehouse; Plastiflex Hose System Solutions / Plastiflex North Carolina LLCStatesville $700,000.00 762,878Expanding2021
Holley Performance Products Mooresville $12,300,000.00 40111,488Expanding2021
C.R. Onsrud IncTroutman$17,200,000.00 25146,000Expanding2021
Denso Statesville $4,990,000.00 00Expanding2021
V-ShapesMooresville $2,500,000.00 1013,125New2021
RingoFireMooresville $0.00 152,593New2021
PetScreeningMooresville $0.00 07,649New2021
Harbor FreightStatesville $1,400,000.00 00New2021
Wilcombs Speculative Buiilding Mooresville $0.00 0111,488New2021
Jeld-Wen Holding, Inc.Statesville $7,900,000.00 235112,500New2021
Sentinel Precision, Inc.Mooresville $0.00 2011,800New2021
84 LumberStatesville $0.00 1534,000New2021
XPO Logistics, IncStatesville $4,600,000.00 400639,800New2021
Williams Development Group Speculative Barkley Road Statesville $0.00 0370,136New2021
Williams Development Group Speculative Barkley Road Statesville $22,710,000.00 0263,701New2021
TPA Group Speculative Development Hwy 21 Troutman$150,000,000.00 01,700,000New2021
Randy Marion Ford Lincoln of StatesvilleStatesville $23,000,000.00 2060,000Expanding2020
Doosan Bobcat Statesville $12,000,000.00 00Expanding2020
TPG Properties (Air Drilling)Statesville $250,000.00 03,744Expanding2020
Origin Food GroupStatesville $9,000,000.00 300Expanding2020
Maymead, Inc.Statesville $5,800,000.00 250Expanding2020
Iredell Health SystemStatesville $0.00 014,000Expanding2020
ManheimStatesville $0.00 035,000Expanding2020
Gaylor ElectricMooresville $0.00 021,367Expanding2020
Walmart E-Commerce Center Troutman$159,000,000.00 5001,000,000Expanding2020
Iredell Health SystemMooresville $35,000,000.00 4068,000Expanding 2020
Eclipse Composites EngineeringMooresville $2,280,000.00 3817,000New2020
ZNDUSStatesville $5,700,000.00 4372,210New2020
WJD Cold StorageStatesville $6,800,000.00 2042,000New2020
Tru Hotels by Marriot, Maya Hotel GroupMooresville $17,000,000.00 2055,000New2020
Aloft MooresvilleMooresville $23,000,000.00 4071,000New2020
Late Apex Storage SuitesMooresville $10,000,000.00 196,500New2020
Mooresville Hospice HouseMooresville $2,250,000.00 013,400New2020
Tru Hilton - StatesvilleStatesville $17,000,000.00 2551,000New2020
Great Western MotorcyclesStatesville $480,000.00 09,600New2020
Simon Professional Bldg.Statesville $650,000.00 08,600New2020
Composite FactoryMooresville $0.00 2022,500New2020
Old Iron ManagementMooresville $200,000.00 03,000New2020
FITT USA Inc.Mooresville $25,600,000.00 144120,000New2020
Prestige Corporate DevelopmentTroutman$0.00 0250,000New2020
Native CeuticalsMooresville $0.00 103,392New2020
Susie FilmsMooresville $0.00 72,814New2020
Soul WellnessMooresville $0.00 206,953New2020
Westmoreland FilmsMooresville $0.00 62,814New2020
Airbox Air PurifierStatesville $0.00 035,000New2020
Oilkleen, LLCMooresville $0.00 02,400New2020
DXDT RacingStatesville $0.00 020,000New2020
ZC Rubber America Inc.Statesville $0.00 030,000New2020
J Booth Properties LLCMooresville $307,716.00 03,139New2020
SpinTech, LLCStatesville $0.00 1028,821New2020
NGK Ceramics USA, Inc.; NGK Ceramics USA Inc. (Warehouse)Mooresville $17,000,000.00 10293,000Expanding2019
Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing (KAM)Statesville $14,000,000.00 2270,000Expanding2019
BestCoMooresville $47,500,000.00 14156,000Expanding2019
Godley Property, Inc. Speculative Development Troutman$25,000,000.00 0500,000Expanding2019
Badger Sport / Founder Sport GroupStatesville $3,683,802.00 820Expanding2019
Resource Material Handling and Recycling Statesville $100,000.00 530,000Expanding2019
Maymead, Inc.Statesville $500,000.00 255,000Expanding2019
Pactiv CorpMooresville $28,000,000.00 60310,000Expanding2019
Plasgad USA LLC Statesville $2,635,000.00 10124,198Expanding2019
BestCoMooresville $19,100,000.00 15250,000Expanding2019
Altendorf Group America, Inc.Mooresville $0.00 57,079New2019
Customized DesignsTroutman$0.00 00New2019
Cardinal FastenersStatesville $2,000,000.00 615,000New2019
Superior Distribution (SRS Roofing Distribution)Statesville $1,500,000.00 1272,055New2019
SHD Composites USMooresville $1,250,000.00 9420,000New2019
Symmetrix Composite ToolingStatesville $2,200,000.00 3740,000New2019
Ashley Furniture Industries (SVL)Statesville $3,000,000.00 95300,000New2019
Fairfield Inn & SuitesStatesville $13,000,000.00 2756,000New2019
Jet Fitness Mooresville $2,000,000.00 218,309New2019
Corvid Technologies IncMooresville $28,960,000.00 367200,000Expanding2018
Flynn BurnerMooresville $75,000.00 25,000Expanding2018
Mack Molding CompanyStatesville $6,000,000.00 12060,000Expanding2018
Fibreworks CompositesMooresville $4,000,000.00 2613,000Expanding2018
Cheney Brothers (CBI)Statesville $24,000,000.00 105200,000New2018
Yanjan USA LLCStatesville $16,000,000.00 910New2018
Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A. CorporationMooresville $1,500,000.00 300New2018